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          <rev xml:space="preserve">Here we put some links to other projects that you can be interesting in.

=Support for program languages=
* [// NFC] is a ruby wrapper for the Near Field Communication library, written by '''[// Aaron Patterson]'''
* [ Pynfc] provides a pythonic interface for the libnfc library, allowing access to ISO-14443a and similar RFID/NFC cards supported by libnfc. This interface is written by '''Mike Auty'''.
* [ nfcpy] is a Python module to read/write NFC tags or communicate with another NFC device, written by '''Stephen Tiedemann'''. It is not based on libnfc and offers a support for Sony PN533-based readers such as RC-S330 or RC-S360.
* [ touchatag-processing] is a library for Processing with libnfc on the Windows platform, written by '''Augusto Esteves'''.
* [ fuzxxl-libnfc] provides Go bindings for libnfc, written by '''Robert Clausecker'''
* [ fuzxxl-libfreefare] provides Go bindings for libfreefare, written by '''Robert Clausecker'''

=Hardware projects based on libnfc=
* [// pinKey Touch] is a personal digital assistant (PDA), compact in size, which provides security services and identification using biometrics and radio frequency.
* [ mfocuino] is a firmware to build your own libnfc compatible NFC Reader with an Arduino and the NFC shield, by '''Christophe Duvernois'''
* [ nfcdoorlock] is a simple NFC based door lock using distributable certificates and signing, by '''Anthony Ito''' ('''伊藤アントニー''')
* [ minikrebs] and its [ NFC-Gate] which polls the attached NFC-connector for new cards and uses the UID of the card for trying to either log in or log out the user at the shack-infrastructure.
* [ Ctrl-O] is an [ open-source] Access Control System with a cloud backend.
* [ SmartTool] is an open source project that delivers NFC, WiFi, BT connectivity in a very compact form factor that enables it to be fitted in 2 modules wall sockets.

=Software projects part of nfc-tools=
* [[Libnfc]] is a library for driving NFC devices.
* [[Libfreefare]] is a library for high level manipulation of [[MIFARE]] cards.
* [[Libllcp]] is a library implementing LLCP support.
* [ libndef] is a Qt library to encode and decode messages based on NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) specification, written by '''Emanuele Bertoldi'''.
* [[pam_nfc]] is a PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) which allow to authenticate using NFC.
* [[nfc-eventd]] is a NFC monitor daemon which able to launch modules (libraries) on action (tag inserted or removed).
* [[lsnfc]] is a simple command that lists tags which are in your NFC device field.
* [[Ifdnfc]] is a IFDHandler for PC/SC to bring support of all libnfc-compatible readers to the PC/SC stack.
* [[MFOC]] is an open source implementation by '''Nethemba''' of &quot;offline nested&quot; attack on [[MIFARE Classic]] cards.
* [[QNFCd]] is a daemon to expose NFC features on D-Bus. (obsolete)
* [[DeskNFC]] is a KDE4 plasmoid which offers NFC content access. (obsolete)

=Software projects based on nfc-tools=
* [ nfosc] is a simple utility that sends RFID-tag add &amp; remove events via OSC, by '''Martin Kaltenbrunner''';
* [ RFIDIOt] is a RFID toolbox written in Python by '''Adam Laurie'''. Latest versions can use libnfc, see on [ Github];
* [ micmd] is a [[MIFARE Classic]] command line utility;
* [ Mtools] is GUI interface for libnfc. For now it is able to operate with [[MIFARE Classic]] cards;
* [ MFCUK] is the MiFare Classic Universal toolKit by '''Andrei Costin''', implementing Courtois attack on [[MIFARE Classic]] cards;
* [ libfm1208] is a Fudan Microelectronics fm1208 library, by '''Douniwan''';
* [ edda] Easy Distributed DESFire Authentification by '''Kai Trott''' and '''Volker Zeihs''';
* [ readnfccc] is a tool by '''Renaud Lifchitz''' to read NFC credit card personal data;
* [ PC/SC Relay] which is part of the Virtual Smart Card Architecture project, by '''Frank Morgner''' et al;
* [ nfc-live] is a set of scripts to generate NFC/RFID-oriented Debian Live ISO, used in [ NFC/RFID security workshops].

* [ Parrot Security OS] is a security oriented operating system

=NFC related projects=
* [ nfcip-java] is a Java library to facilitate communication over NFCIP, written by '''François Kooman'''.
* [ ismb-snep-java] is a Java library implementing SNEP (the NFC Forum official protocol for peer-to-peer) written by '''Antonio Lotito'''.
* [ wireshark-nfc] is a small collection of wireshark dissectors that let you use wireshark to analyze NFC traces by '''Mike Wakerly'''.
* [ nfctools] is  a collection of libraries and tools for NFC in Java written by '''Adrian Stabiszewski'''. ''Note that it is not related to [ nfc-tools] or this website!''
* [ mfterm] is a terminal interface for working with Mifare Classic tags, written by '''Anders Sundman'''.
* [ NFCProxy] is a an Android app that lets you proxy transactions, written by '''Eddie Lee'''.

=They talk about libnfc/nfc-tools=
* [// Poking around on a Mifare card: LibNFC crash course] on '''mcbridematt''''s blog
* [// Open source RFID development tools] on '''Dangerous Prototypes'''
* [// libnfc and MFOC with OV-chipkaart] (in Nederlands) on ''''''
* [ Reverse Engineering a real-world RFID payment system using MFCUK and libnfc during '''27th Chaos Communication Congress''']
* [// Near Field Communication (NFC) Introduction and Software Development] on '''CNXSoft''' blog
* [// Introduction to NFC] at '''''' by '''Foundstone''' a division of '''McAffee'''

=Security researches that use libnfc=
* [// Performing Relay Attacks on ISO 14443 Contactless Smart Cards using NFC Mobile Equipment] by '''Michael Weiß'''</rev>
      <page pageid="89" ns="0" title="Shopping">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">=Devices=
Some users ask for what device should buy to use with [[libnfc]].
&lt;br&gt;Check the [[PN53x]] page to see which chip is closer to your needs and check the [[Devices compatibility matrix]] to see which device implements it while preserving the functionality you need.
&lt;br&gt;Depending on what kind of device you are looking for, we recommend these devices:
&lt;br&gt;ATM, there is no good flat reader for desktop computer, there is a ASK LoGO but does not allow to act as target, but there is a good dongle so we recommend an SCM SCL3711 and if you want some OEM, the PN532 breakout board from Adafruit (formerly from is the best.
&lt;br&gt;Note: that our choices, but some other devices could work fine too.
&lt;br&gt;To buy them online:
* SCM SCL3711: &quot;BUY NOW&quot; at
* microBuilder PN532:

&lt;br&gt; Updated : &lt;br&gt;
&lt;br&gt; Recently (2014) [ Digital Logic Ltd (D-Logic)] added two new PN533 based readers in its portfolio :
*  [ NFC RFID USB Stick DL533N] : available at company's webshop on    (There you can find reader or sets which includes reader and various tags. Product is also available as OEM USB stick sized board)
*  [ NFC Reader Writer OEM - DL533N CS] : available at company's webshop on   (There you can find reader or sets which includes reader and various tags. Product is also available as OEM card sized board or in plastic IP54 housing)


* Preprogrammed NFC tags:
* Various tags and cards:  - Personalization possible