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On this site you will find official information concerning the open source library libnfc for Near Field Communication (NFC) and other projects using this library. Since the RFID/NFC market is spoiled by proprietary hard and software we want to contribute constructively by distributing a free library and free tools which can be used for various RFID and NFC applications.

This website mainly focuses itself on researchers and developers willing to work with NFC hardware but without the pain of programming NFC software on a very low level. Libnfc does not require any license fee or non-disclosure agreement to be signed for. We hope to move NFC development to a more open culture where discussions about applications and techniques can be shared among the users.


libnfc is the first libre, platform-independent, low level NFC SDK and Programmers API.
Status: mature, with still small API changes possible in the near future


libfreefare aims to provide a convenient API for MIFARE card manipulations on top of libnfc.
Status: mature


ifdnfc aims to provide a libre PCSC driver (ifdhandler) which supports all libnfc-compatible readers.
Status: beta


NFC EventD is a NFC monitor daemon which is able to launch modules (libraries) on action (tag inserted or removed).
Status: beta

Developers community

The power of libnfc and derived tools comes from all the volunteers that are willing to help. There is always challenge available for designers, developers, engineers and documentalists. Near Field Communication provides a lot of opportunities for connecting objects to each other. Feel free to introduce new ideas and innovative steps that can be made together.

We welcome you to join the developers community and contribute your expertise to improve libnfc and derived projects as well as their documentation.

This wiki is open to everybody for improvements but to limit spamming plague, a few measures have been taken:

  • You will need to register first
  • Basic access does not allow to create new page, you can contact us to request a more complete access if needed
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