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NFC monitor daemon which able to launch modules (libraries) on action (tag entered in field or left field).



nfc-eventd is a daemon that poll one NFC device looking for tags insertion/removes. When one of theses events happens, nfc-eventd main loop will execute the event handler function of specified NEM (Nfc Event Module) in configuration file.

This project is currently hosted in the nfc-tools incubator.

NEM (Nfc Event Module)

nfc-eventd only poll for NFC events. When some event have been detected, nfc-eventd relies on NEM to handle this event. nfc-eventd is release with two basics modules:

  • nem_execute simply launches a command line specified in nfc-eventd configuration file on event. With this NEM, you can easily do many simple application, like launching particular action depending on card you put on NFC device, etc.
  • nem_dbus pushes events on D-Bus's system bus. That allow to have more than one application that handle event and manage privileges with D-Bus options.


Stable version

nfc-eventd stable version can be downloaded at Downloads section. As usual, you will have to extract, compile and install nfc-eventd to use it.

Develoment version

nfc-eventd development version depends on development version of Libnfc, so you need to fetch, compile and install it.

svn checkout nfc-eventd
cd nfc-eventd
autoreconf -vis
sudo make install


Before using nfc-eventd you may need to configure it by editing nfc-event.conf. This file is located under /usr/local/etc by default (see ./configure --help to know more about --sysconfdir.)

Options should be self-explained but one should take your attention: nfc_device must specified an existing block configuration name. i.e. for a touchatag device:

device nfc_touchatag {
   driver = "ACR122";
nfc_device = "nfc_touchatag";

Note: provided configuration file has already nem_execute as default configuration.


Once configured, nfc-eventd only need to be launch:

$ nfc-eventd
nfc-eventd 0.0.0+r42
DEBUG:nfc-eventd.c:146: Looking for specified NFC device.
DEBUG:nfc-eventd.c:77: Loading module: 'nem_execute'...
DEBUG:nfc-eventd.c:82: Module found at: '/usr/lib/nfc-eventd/modules/'...
Connected to NFC device: ACR122U102 - PN532 v1.4 (0x07)

Note: it have been compiled using ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --enable-debug

And if you enter a tag in NFC device field:

DEBUG:nfc-eventd.c:360: Event detected: tag inserted
DEBUG:nem_execute.c:80: tag_get_uid(0810a1a0, 0810b280, b7ee9248)
DEBUG:nem_execute.c:83: ISO14443A (MIFARE) tag with uid=4e42047e
DEBUG:nem_execute.c:106: ISO14443A (MIFARE) tag found: uid=0x4e42047e
DEBUG:nem_execute.c:185: Executing action: '(echo -n 'Tag (uid=4e42047e), inserted at: ' && date) >> /tmp/nfc-eventd.log'
DEBUG:nem_execute.c:194: Action '(echo -n 'Tag (uid=4e42047e), inserted at: ' && date) >> /tmp/nfc-eventd.log' returns 0
DEBUG:nem_execute.c:185: Executing action: 'dcop kdesktop KScreensaverIface quit'
DEBUG:nem_execute.c:194: Action 'dcop kdesktop KScreensaverIface quit' returns 0
DEBUG:nfc-eventd.c:264: ISO14443A (MIFARE) tag with uid=4e42047e
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