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Here we put some links to other projects that you can be interesting in..


Support for program languages


  • NFC is a ruby wrapper for the Near Field Communication library, written by Aaron Patterson


  • Pynfc provides a pythonic interface for the libnfc library, allowing access to ISO-14443a and similar RFID/NFC cards supported by libnfc. This interface is written by Mike Auty.

Hardware that use libnfc

  • pinKey Touch is a personal digital assistant (PDA), compact in size, which provides security services and identification using biometrics and radio frequency.

Project based on libnfc

  • libfreefare is a library for high level manipulation of MIFARE cards.
  • nfcutils provide a simple 'lsnfc' command that list tags which are in your NFC device field.
  • pam_nfc is a PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) which allow to authenticate using NFC.
  • nfc-eventd is a NFC monitor daemon which able to launch modules (libraries) on action (tag inserted or removed).

NFC related projects

  • libndef is a C++ library for use in reading and writing messages based on NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) specification, written by Emanuele Bertoldi.
  • nfcip-java is a Java library to facilitate communication over NFCIP, written by François Kooman.
  • ismb-snep-java is a Java library implementing SNEP (the NFC Forum official protocol for peer-to-peer) written by Antonio Lotito.
  • wireshark-nfc is a small collection of wireshark dissectors that let you use wireshark to analyze NFC traces by Mike Wakerly.

They talk about libnfc

Security researches that use libnfc

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