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* [[ifdnfc]]
* [[ifdnfc]]
* lsnfc
* lsnfc
* debug & log levels, howto, configure options
* config files howto
* NFC sybsystem incompatibility & future
* NFC sybsystem incompatibility & future

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Projects to release

  • libfreefare

Projects to fix

  • MFCUK: it seems it does not work at all... (only 2 bytes are OK in keys)

Projects to revive

  • libnfc-llcp
  • nfc-eventd
  • nfcutils ? (revive or merge in libnfc's nfc-list ?)
  • pam_nfc


Hack me

  • libnfc on R-Pi (with tutorial here)


  • Nfc-cryptorf: where is the code repo?? there is just an old zip completely desync with current API on that page
Who need it ? Why should we reuse it ? 
Does it really need to be in libnfc ? --Romuald
It's like mfoc, useful for some security testing, it shouldn't be in libnfc but could be added to nfc-tools svn
  • Libnfc:nfc-relay update info & now there is also nfc-relay-picc to present
  • Libnfc:nfc-emulate update info & present nfc-emulate-forum-tag2, nfc-emulate-forum-tag4, nfc-emulate-tag, nfc-emulate-uid
  • forum -> collect info & archive discussions
  • pages with hacking/install/news/readme/readme-windows
  • Migrate wikipages from
  • Sandbox / pages people want to create without rights
  • PN53x capabilities as target ISO14443-4 yes software -> yellow partly?
Maybe we should also implement a function to test if device is compiliant in libnfc...
Should we really update it since do not exists anymore ? --Romuald
Those are not wiki pages, those are the generated API pages. 
We can migrate them on if you prefer but at least maintain them, no? 
They're currently linked from Libnfc:API --Phil
  • m-extr nfc-tools?
What is that ? --Romuald
Hmm good question, leave it till I remember ;-) --Phil

At first, a recall of important point: to send a content from/to Android (or other NFC-Forum compliant), the content (URL, vCard, Text, etc.) should be encoded in a NDEF¹ format. During the communication between 2 devices, they poll for NFCIP connexion. Once connected, the software layer is ensured by LLCP². LLCP is a specification that offers a service-based protocol that could be compared to the network socket-system basics : one service (ie. in network FTP, in NFC SNEP³ or NPP⁴) affected to one port (ie. in network 21 for FTP, in NFC 4 for SNEP). When LLCP communication is established, one of the devices will ask for SNEP service on Android 4.x.x and for NPP service on Android 2.3.x on the target. With this short explanation, you should oriented to understand basics, for further details you should read according specifications.

[1] NDEF: NFC Data Exchange Format
[2] LLCP: Logical Link Control Protocol
[3] SNEP: Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol
[4] NPP: Android NDEF Push Protocol
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